Friday, December 4, 2009

4th DECEMBER 2009

Hello, Kiran Mam and the Green Eleven (which makes Green Twelve! )


Here's a message from Rod, to let you know I'm in England now - in a city called Durham which has a big cathedral (huge old church), a river and a castle. Near where I live there's a school, and a teacher friend is going to ask her children to send a message to you in Kathmandu. I hope it works, and I'll let you know. Meanwhile, keep watching this blog, and soon I'll put some photos here from England. As you see here, I've fixed the Sitapaila photo a bit ... it's my favourite photo, and it brings back happy memories of our walk up to the monastery with the dog.

Good wishes to you all, from your friend Rod. Take care of yourselves, and the earth!

Speaking of the earth, take a look at website ...

it has some readings. Go into the 'English' side, and on the first page you'll see a moving item that says '5 - Reflections'. Click on that and scroll down ... R

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