Friday, October 21, 2011


To welcome Hindu festival Dashain SOE (Save Our Environment) club and FAG(First Aid Group)club of EEBS organised cultural program on 28th september,2011(10th Ashoj,2068).MC(master of ceremony) Ms.sushmita Nepali(5 grade) and Ms.Pramila Basnet(7 grade) discovered the program inviting group of students on stage to sing National anthem.

Nepali folk dance was performed by Ms. Samichhya Thapa(5 grade), Ms.Shalu John(7grade), Ms.Dikshya Gurug and Ms.Binita Nepali(4 grade).A teacher of EEBS, Ms.nilu Khatun choreographed the dance.

Salsa Dance was performed by Mas.Harshad Karjit, Ms. Mingma Dikki Sherpa, Ms.Priyanshi Patel(2grade) and Mas.Puskar Pudasaini(4 grade).

Mas.Hardik Karjit, Mas.Dev Raj Shrestha(7grade) and Mas. Nasib Adhikari(6 grade) presented popular B-boying which was choreographed by Mas.Roshan Bhakta Shrestha and Ms. Nilu Khatun.Mas.Bikkey Balami and Mas. Poojan Pudasaini sang beautiful song.

Mask dance called Laskhe Dance was performed by MasKarjit.

Small children from Nursery, LKG and UKG charmed the program by their pleasant rhymes.

Students of Grade one acted on the legendary song familiar among nepali children.

Artworks were displayed during the program and was enclosed by speech from Principal Ms.Kiran Karjit.

Program was short and sweet.

Dashain holidays was given from 29th sep to 15 october, 2011.

Niraj k.(Communicator of SOE)

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